Professor, D.Sc., Ph.D. Marek Kozicki

polyGeVero® Software

The polyGeVero® software has been developed for fast and easy calculations of 3D radiotherapy dosimetry data. In particular, it is adapted for 3D polymer gel dosimetry.

All calculations can be performed in four workspaces, which include all the necessary tools for:

  • calculating the calibration curves and calibration equations (Calibration Workspace),
  • storage of the dosimeters’ calibrations (Calibration Database Workspace),
  • calculating 3D dose distributions in irradiated 3D dosimeters (Gel Dosimetry Dose Distribution Workspace),
  • comparison of the 3D dose distributions obtained from 3D dosimeters and calculated with the aid of treatment planning systems (TPS) (Gel Dosimetry vs. TPS Workspace).

Each of the workspaces comprises specific tools designed for a range of operations that are necessary to processing data.

The software operates on DICOM and VFF type files. However, its structure is not limited to those and could be easily extended in the future. Raw data obtained from the measurements of 3D dosimeters with the aid of MRI, CT, US or OCT are uploaded to the software and processed afterwards. The outcome of the calculations in polyGeVero® (profiles, signal and dose maps, 1D and 2D graphs and other results) can be exported as TXT, BMP files or as reports and all results can be printed.

For details please refer to: polyGeVero software of GeVero Co.