Professor, D.Sc., Ph.D. Marek Kozicki

Ubbelohd viscometer (Schott, Germany)

The AVS 470 viscosity measuring instrument consists of ViscoPump II operated by AVS 470 software. Ubbelohde viscometer is connected with the main unit and placed in constant temperature immersion circulator (Donserv, Poland).

The viscosity measurements are preformed automatically after setting specific parameters for a capillary viscometer and for a measurement. The instrument measures time of flow of a solution of e.g. polymer, through a capillary tube of a viscometer. AVS unit memorizes times of flows and calculates average time of flow, the times after kinetic energy correction (Hagenbach Corrections, HC), as well as kinetic viscosity (ν [mm2/s]). The results of measurements allow for calculations of other types of viscosities, like: dynamic viscosity (ν/ρ[Pa s] or [P] or [N s/m2] or [kg/(s m)], where ρ is density of a solution, [g/cm3]) or intrinsic viscosity ([η] [cm3/g]).