Professor, D.Sc., Ph.D. Marek Kozicki

Examples of topics

2000 Preparation and characterisation of protective coatings on chamber spheres - study of desorption kinetics of model compounds
2002 Radiation induced reactions of N,N'-methylenebisacrylamide as potential component of a polymer gel dosimeter
2004 Preparation of textile-hydrogel compositie materials
2005 Preparation and characterisation of cotton-hydrogel composite materials for medical applications
2006 Textiles for radiotherapy dosimetry applications
2007 Polymer microsystems on textiles
2008 Polymeric nano- and micro-systems on textiles - preparation and characterisation
Biologically active textiles
Hydrogels with textile support
2009 Textile dosimeter
2012 Natural polymer hydrogles of antimicrobial properties and their application for construction of a hydrogel-textile composite

2D and 3D dosimetry for radiotherapy
Textile finishing with nanoparticles
Hydrogels, hydrogel composites